As a “Profit for Cause” corporation, Shyn3 has been recognized for being dedicated to boosting depression awareness, increasing self-confidence, and encouraging the love of one’s imperfections. It is a company that supports the ambitious youth, the dreamers, and the inner/outer beauty.

Currently, Shyn3 is building a summer program created to physically and mentally guide the youth towards their desired career goals. The program will be a fusion of the “Basic Military Training” formula and a private school. A day’s schedule will consist of breakfast, physical training, a proper grooming course, a chivalry course, a proper etiquette course, lunch, a business communication and networking course, a basic history course, an occupational/vocational training course, and dinner.

Shyn3 is targeting profession driven students, first generational college students, and students who show great potential and talent but lack the proper mentorship and guidance. To properly guide and mentor the youth, we are constructing a list of experienced professionals from various occupations. Depending on a student’s career goals, these professionals will then be contacted and contracted to advise and counsel the students in achieving their dream career during their time in the program.

The program will begin with a certain number of students and will expand as demand and support for our program increases.

In most high schools across the nation, students lack the proper guidance, preparation and motivation to apply their creativeness, maximize their full potential, and tap in to their entrepreneurial spirit.  Shyn3 is geared to doing just that.  While the company is dedicated to donating 100% of its sales profits from the clothing and accessories section towards the future Summer program, we need your help and the help of others to accomplish the goal of raising the annual $3.7 million.

With your generous donation, we will be closer to achieving our goals and providing career focused learning and integrated professional & skills training.  Your donation will provide: housing assistance for the youth during their stay for the program, school clothing and supplies, a food pantry, health and hygiene products, transportation assistance, three-month salary for highly qualified teachers along with their instructional materials and salary for Shyn3’s staff. Your support is key in making this a success.  On behalf of Shyn3 and the organization, we would like to thank you in advance for your generous donations and support for this endeavor.


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