Shyn3 as a organization has been recognized for being dedicated to boosting depression awareness, increasing self confidence, and encouraging the love of ones imperfections. It is a company that supports the ambitious youth, dreamers, inner/outer beauty, and artists from all genres. The apparel and accessories are designed to create positive vibes and to represent the diversity of the human race. No matter what race, religion, size, sex, or social status; we all SHYN3!

“I was fourteen, fat through society’s eyes, with a large head. Even though I was always social and smiled the majority of the time; I hated my body and was uncomfortable with who I was. It took my mom’s words of encouragement to clear my head of all the negativity. When I was sixteen I started branding my own clothes with my name; bleaching my jeans with my sister’s bathtub letters and gluing cut out letters from old shirts onto newer shirts. I also customized my own magnetic earrings since I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced. After a while, others in my school admired what I had made and wanted some of their own. At that time I didn’t realize it, but that was when it all started. I had begun to follow my dreams and embrace who I was.”

The organization was founded by Levi Lawrence III. The clothing and accessories side of the company demonstrates a casual yet classy apparel. His evolution towards formal attire represents the growth and success from being proud of his differences. The company was established in the year 2013 and with the help of the members behind all of the work; it has been consistently gaining the hearts and attraction of those around the globe.

Shyn3 has began to put in motion the process to create a summer program meant for individuals similar to what the organization represents; in which are those who show a high sense of ambition towards their future and those who show potential for greatness but lack the guidance.